Pointy ears are fucking awesome!
Well, I'm an actress and I'm 100% sure I want my ears pointed. But, I'm kind of afraid that having pointed ears will hinder me from getting any callbacks... It's always been a dream of mine to have pointed ears and it's also been a dream of mine to be an actress... but I don't want to have to give up one or the other. Do you have any advice?

You would get callbacks, but we do have to be realistic here… your success as an actor is defined by what others think of you. You probably won’t ever be cast in a “normal” role on a mainstream film - pointy ears may distract from the main plot or characteristics and convey an ‘otherness’ that the director doesn’t want - fair enough. Having long hair would be helpful though. I think you would be a lot more likely to get roles in theater, independent films, and TV. 

First and foremost though, it comes down to how you portray yourself. Make yourself a brand, organized and professional. Be realistic about having a facial body modification in an industry obsessed with looks. But realize that if you work hard enough and/or can persuade the right people, you can still take on some awesome jobs :-)

I'm thinking about getting my ears pointed, but I'm kind of nervous about the pain... How much does it hurt? And also, how did you keep your ears from getting infected? (Regardless of the pain, I'm still pretty sure that I'm gonna go through with it, I just want to be prepared for it).

Cool! :-D It hurts about as much as having no hat on a windy winter day, for 3 or 4 days - uncomfortable but very bearable - ibpruofen seems to be a lot better for the pain of body modification than vicodin or percocet, for me at least (perc + 2 beers works nicely tho). I was expecting it to hurt more than it did. As for infection, all I did was leave it alone and not touch them more than to tape them for the first 2-3 weeks. A little neosporin for the first 3-4 days seems to lessen the scarring

hello! i was wondering if you knew where to find someone to point ears in michigan!

Hiya - the only artists I can think of off the top of my head are in Vancouver Canada, Arizona, NYC, and New Hampshire - you’ll probably need to travel a bit

Who is the artist that pointed your ears? I live on the west coast and my friend and I want to get ours done. So I'm looking for an artist, one who travels around now and then, preferably haha.

Awesome! And even more awesome that there’s two of you =D Brian Decker did mine here in NYC, and Steve Haworth is in Arizona. There’s one in Vancouver too I think… they travel often, especially the coastal states

Come join the club :-p

Hey I have a question and that is do you have any trouble hiding your tongue split I work in a very conserved job where I have to look smart etc but I have been considering a tongue split as of late and just wanted some info Thanks

I was very conscious of my tongue for the first 6 months or so, and made an effort not to yawn or stick my tongue out or open my mouth too wide while the boss was around (being a computer guy and working alone helps a lot). After that I pretty much forgot about my tongue, and now only sometimes realize that I’m licking my lips in a meeting or whatever. Nobody has ever said anything to me in the office, and only maybe 4 or 5 people EVER.

I suppose this is the best way to explain why I had them re-pointed so many times… first in 11/2011, then 10/2012, and finally 5/2013… these pics were taken after several months of healing. I’m so happy with how they’ve turned out :-)

I suppose this is the best way to explain why I had them re-pointed so many times… first in 11/2011, then 10/2012, and finally 5/2013… these pics were taken after several months of healing. I’m so happy with how they’ve turned out :-)

Why did you get your ears re-pointed so many times?

Because they weren’t pointy enough - duh! :-)

Well, my ear cartilage is apparently quite firm, and they wanted to return to their original shape. I had them first pointed in November 2011. After the first year, being slept on and all, they had ‘loosened up’ a bit - the skin pocket stretched apart and my ears became less pointy. I had them done a second time 11.5 months later and although they were better, there was still a little nub of cartilage on the tip of one ear and the other still wasn’t pointy enough for me to make it match the other side. I’m big on symmetry.

Either the second or third time, Brian made a few small additional cuts and stitches to the top and back of my ear which seem to have done a good job of relieving the pressure on my… I dunno what to call them - there’s gotta be something better than “skin” or “ear” pocket - those sound funky (they’re quite clean tyvm!) :-S

I have exactly what I wanted, and although there are a few stitch scars still barely visible on the top of my left ear, I can certainly live with that! 

After seeing how some of the new ear pointing procedures are turning out, I’ve given thought to having had the helix reshaped instead. The early ones that Samppa did, I didn’t care much for the shape of. But the ones he has done the past year look amazing. If I had waited to get my ears pointed till now, I would probably consider having him do it.

But I made my decision, and I am 100% thrilled with how they came out - and even more-so after seeing/hearing the horror stories of shoddy workmanship and infection. Love em love em love em, one of the best decisions of my life :-D



And thank you :-)

Trying something new! Around this time last year I dyed my hair pink for a rave, and on Friday I decided to do something different for a while and got a mohawk haircut before a (fucking awesome amazing!) rave that night. Look at those mollied-up eyes…

It’s interesting… It feels like taking on a different persona. I’ve always prided myself on being neat and clean-cut, which at least minimizes the visual impact of my mods. I feel like now with this haircut, a lot of people have a suspicious look in their eye when they glance at me - yeah, even NYC. After wearing the crazy outfits I do out on the town (which took a lot of courage to work up to!) I am not especially conscious of my appearance. Even the nose ring might only get an extra glance. But with the mohawk, it feels like people are more suspicious or hesitant. Ah whatever - it’s New York and they’ll get over it :-) 

My friends all like it - even my MOTHER! I wouldn’t say I’m 100% ecstatic about the look, but I think I might keep it for the year. Whatcha’ll think?

You still doin' good pointy ears? :) <3

Yup I’m doing fabulous :-) How you doin’ baby?

Fabulous except for still feeling drunk and hungover from last night….

The girlfriend, her brother and I went to a Russian bar/restaurant to watch the (delayed) Olympic opening ceremony… fuckin’ vodka… it tasted so good, you didn’t even taste it. They had like 50 different flavors of homemade vodkas - the Raspberry Chocolate was awesome - and they have other flavors like garlic and borscht and ‘bacon cheddar’. Yeah. I’ll leave those for the more adventuresome drinkers.

Needless to say, after 10 drinks apiece, we were all just plastered. I felt good when I first woke up this morning for an hour or so, went back to sleep, woke up a few hours later… and WOW I’m in the middle of a foggy, gale-force storm. The gf puked thrice - I’ve at least been able to keep all my goodies inside me ^_^

Tonight is definitely going to be a recovery night… after hitting ‘publish’, I’m gonna return to the fetal position on the couch -_-

Hi there! So I haven't followed you for that long and I haven't read all of your text posts so I'm sorry if I fuck up any info here but I read that you were with your girlfriend for 8 years and I was wondering if you and your girlfriend had had sex before and after your apadravya and was wondering if either of you felt it was different? :) x

Yup yup. I had my PA for 3 years, and it took her a little while to get used to it, but she did like it at the end. Jewelry made a big difference, smooth, larger gauge worked best. Curved barbell wasn’t comfortable for either of us, and a CBR was a bit better. The very best is the solid round “tribal dream” ring at bodyartforms: http://www.bodyartforms.com/productdetails.asp?jewelry=captive&pagenumber=0&ProductID=2923&index=168 It comes apart in two halves and screws together with a tiny recessed screw. With the apadravya, we are both getting used to it. I’ve had it for about 8 months now and it has gotten a fair bit of use in that time, so as it’s healed more fully and stretches a bit, it doesnt cause any more discomfort for me. For her, it hits her clit, but the oblong shape of the barbell means it can ‘catch’ on the inside, if you know what I mean. It isn’t too painful, just need to pull out and reposition :-p

I think the apadravya feels just as good as the PA, and it certainly does make pissing easier. But, the weight of my PA ring (0G) felt nice too… I have to wear 6G jewelry now so I guess it’s shrunk to about 3G

I read you're from NY, I'm from Cali but I was wondering how you went about getting your tits pierced. I've wanted hearts since I was eleven.

I walked into a piercing shop and said “I want my nipples pierced”. Then, I walked into a tattoo shop and said “I want my nipples tattooed.” Simple as that :p

Aw you're so cute. c':

awwwwwww :-D

Cool new jewelry shop in New York City

Someone asked where I got my new septum clicker… it’s a new shop on St. Marks Place (8th street) - bohemian/freak/druggie central. The shop is called “Elite”, at 18 St. Marks Place - it’s between Mahmouns and Funkytown. They have good prices and lots of nice body jewelry - they don’t have many stainless CBRs on display, which is good, because that’s all 95% of the shops around there sell.

There is another good shop, “Jewels 32”, which is just down the block (… 32 St. Marks Place). Their prices are a little bit higher, and they have stainless and acrylic stuff on display too, but they also have a similarly wide selection of nice body jewelry. Both shops sell ‘Industrial Strength’ brand jewelry, but each had a different selection. 

These are definitely the two best/nicest body jewelry shops in Manhattan that I’ve found in the past 4 years. Unimax, on Canal Street, has a HUGE selection at (mostly) cheap prices, but its also lower-quality. I’ve checked tons of shops, including NY Adorned and Maria Tash/Venus, but neither comes close to ‘Elite’ or ‘Jewels 32’ (they’re MAAAAADDD expensive too!)

…I think I deserve a sales commission ^_^

Payday! I’m loving my new Industrial Strength clicker! I put a clear 4G tunnel in until I get the larger size clasp. I got it at a great price, at a fancy jewelry shop in NYC of all places.. about $30 less than any shop online. They had only 4 or 5 styles available, but I’m already thinking of ordering a custom piece.

It is a small, elegant ring (compared to stainless jewelry) , and I’m going to see if I can get away wearing it in the office (I’ll scream ‘discrimination’ if they give me any shit!). I will still take it out for meetings and events though, because I need the `decision-makers` (read: old people) to take me seriously. There is a time and a place for everything.

Damn I look bony! I swear I’m not anorexic - I eat like a pig! (speaking of… time to go start on the pasta sauce)

Anyways, how do ya like the new bling?